Compound Interest Timespan
Compound Interest Timespan Calculator

It is easy to decide how much money you want from investments. But it it is hard to visualize how long it would take to reach those goals. Say you want to have $500,000 in investments while contributing $2,000 each month. How long would it take to reach that goal? How would different growth rates and investment amounts affect that timespan? And are those numbers realistic in your current financial situation? This calculator tries to help you figure that out.


Keep in mind that this calculator assumes a rate of return of 7% a year. This is a hypothetical rate of return and is used to create hypothetical scenarios. You may not be able to achieve this rate of return, even long term. Higher rates of return, such as 7%, carry higher risk and volatility. If you want to change the rate of return you can change it in the advanced options.

Useful Scenarios

Below are some scenarios that could give you a better idea of how to use this calculator.

Scenario #1

You recently learned about index funds and decide that you want to start investing in one. You know you want to contribute $1,000 each month and you have a end goal amount of $500,000 but you want to know how long it could take to reach your goal.

Scenario #2

You have some extra money to spend each month. Instead of spending, you choose to invest it. You have a goal amount for your portfolio but would like to know what a realistic timespan would be. You also would like to see how larger monthly investments and different growth rates would affect that timespan.



This section shows how long it would take for you to reach your investment goal amount given your monthly or yearly investment amount. The fields on the right side of the calculator can be adjusted which would change the timespan displayed in the center. You can also enter your age in the advanced options popup to display how old you would be when you reach your investment goal.


This section gives you a breakdown of the amount of your investments after each year. Each bar represents the total of your investments at the end of each investment year.

Advanced Options

Clicking the Advanced Options button will open a popup with a number of fields. The investment growth rate field allows you to edit the annualized growth rate that the timespan is calculated with. Doing so allows you to see how a lower or higher growth rate affects the amount of time it takes to reach your goal. The age field allows you to enter your current age. Doing so will display how old you will be when the investment end value is reached. The yearly switch toggles whether the investment contributions are made monthly or yearly. The default is monthly contributions unless it has been previously changed.

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