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How long would it take you to reach $1 million if you invested $1k each month?
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Compound Interest Timespan

If you make monthly contributions to an investment account, how long will it take you to reach a specific amount of money? This calculator allows you to enter monthly contributions as well as an end value and it will show how long it will take to reach the end value.

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How much money will you need to raise a kid? If you want to retire early or become financially independent you may have asked yourself this question. I did too, so I did some research and laid it all out in this post.
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When I got my first job they offered a 401k. I didn’t really know about 401ks at the time, but I started to look into them. My mom has a pension plan that she talks very highly of so I was curious about pensions as well.
William P. Bengen and the Origins of the 4% Rule
The 4% rule has become very popular due in part to the FIRE movement. But if you have recently learned about it you probably have a bunch of questions of how it works and where it comes from.
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